Janika Toots

I like that maksuabi.ee is simple to use. I don't need to have a financial education to calculate and submit monthly reports to Tax and Customs Board.

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Ivar Kaljo

To send invoices from maksuabi.ee is simple and the software helps me save a lot of time every month.

Ivar Kaljo Riot OÜ juhatuse liige

Jüri Muhhin

Thanks to maksuabi I don't need to pay for accounting services every month.

Jüri Muhhin Responsive OÜ juhatuse liige

Rainit Vildo

Thank you maksuabi.ee team for developing this software. Every month I get free upgrades and features which will make my life easier.

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Look how simple it is to use maksuabi

Create and send an invoice to client in 10 seconds

Why should I use maksuabi.ee?

Functionality – it’s more than enough for your everyday operations, it’s made for your sales rep, assistent, etc. The deprociaton of intangible assets can be done by your accountant.

Simplicity – sending an invoice, checking sales numbers, managing clients has never been so easy. No need to creat client groups, define product codes, classificators etc.

Online – you can login and check balance, status of invoices and client data from anywhere.

Data protection

Maksuabi.ee is located in a secure server, communication is encrypted. Only you have and can delegate access to your account, we will take care of the back-ups.


If you have any problems or feedback about the service, please send an e-mail to info@maksuabi.ee

About maksuabi

The Maksuabi team has a backround in accounting, we have provided it as service for years to hundreds of different companies. Since we have mostly dealt with small companies, we have a good understanding what are the main problems for such companies – either you use a accounting software that is too complicated or you use spreadsheets that is not meant for doing this which will cause you to lose data, make errors etc. Maksuabi is sophisticated and simple at the same time which will help you master your day-to-day accounting.


Maksuabi is developed by Sinuni OÜ, if you have any comments or questions please send an e-mail to info@maksuabi.ee